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Family owned and operated by Raleigh & Haely Ordoyne, Rack & Feather Lodge is located at 1033 Arrowhead Rd. Clyde , KS 66938 . We are just ¼ mile north off of highway 148.

From the nearby towns we are the following distances.

Agenda: 5 miles east on KS-148

Linn: 14 miles west on KS-148

Clyde: 8 miles north, then 3 miles east on KS-148

Concordia: North and east about 23 miles

Washington: South and west about 23 miles

Clay Center: North and west about 34 miles

Belleville: South and east about 23 miles


If you would like to stay with us or have any questions call or text (785) 747-6790 or (785) 747-8072. You can also email us at

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